Inventory : Ewa Gierat, Paper, 1943-1995

      Box Folder    Title and date
     1    [Ewa Gierat's biographical materials, literary works]
     1    E.& S. Gierat-passports, savings, deed
     2    E.Gierat: Certificates: high school, University of Glasgow  
     3    E.Gierat:  McGraw-Mill   
     4    E.Gierat:  University of Glasgow-exams,essays, 1946-1944
     5    E.Gierat:  social work Columbia 1966-69
     6    Bibliography of E.Gierat writings, 1993
     7    "Beginning: prose and verse by new Catholic writers"
     8    E.Gierat-Literary prize and manuscript "Good Morning Joy",
     9    Newsclippings about E.Gierat (see also Literary prize)
     10   E.Gierat-articles in "Kultura"
     11   E.Gierat-articles in "Znak", "Wiez"
     12   E.Gierat-manuscripts
     13   E.Gierat-articles in various periodicals pt.1
     14   E.Gierat-articles in various periodicals pt.2
     15   Polonia Vademecum
     17   Gaweda
     18   Wanda Mycielski-Writings
     19   Zarzad Kola Platerek
     20   Nowy Swiat pod red. E.Gierat, Swiat Mlodych- czytanka dla
     Box  Folder    Title and date
     2    [Polish scouting]
     1    E.Gierat scouting-biographical
     2    Scouts "Oplatek"-Christmas greetings, 1976
     3    Polish Scout Educational Fund "Oplatek na sianie"
     4    Scouting-scrapbook pt.1
     5    Scouting-scrapbook pt.2
     6    Scouting-scrapbook "Jubileusz ZHP" pt.3
     7    "Powojenna historia harcerstwa w Stanach Zjednoczonych"
          by  E.Gierat
     8    Scouting questionnaires
     9    Future of Polish scouting-survey S.Futro, Detroit, 1992
     10   "Poklosie" wici pozlotowe, 1995
     11   Scouting Zlot 50-lecia Yankee Springs, Michigan, 1960
     12   Zlot 75-lecia Zwiazku Harcerstwa Polskiego, 1985
     13   "Stopnie harcerek", 1966
     14   "ZHP Jednodniowka" Hufiec Harcerek Podhale,  1960
     15   "O polskiej muzyce" nakladem Hufca Harcerek  Podhale,
     16   Scouting, press clippings
     17   "Pamietnik wreczenia sztandaru Hufcowi Harcerzy 
          Warmia", 1969
     18   Scouting, miscellaneous documents
     19   Letter from the Polish Girl Scouts in Exile to the World
          Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, 1956
     Box  Folder    Title
     3    [Ewa Gierat's interest in religion and philiosophy] 
          1    Theology course - instructional materials
          2    Notes from theology course
          3    Religious and philosophical readings - notes,     
          4    Religion - Church
          5    Guy Bonnefoy, "Maria and the Icon", novel about             Regina Laudis
          6    Regina Laudis OSB correspondence
          7    Regina Laudis Mass comments, pt.1
          8    Regina Laudis Mass comments, pt.2
          9    Regina Laudis Publications, postcards
          10   Regina Laudis clippings
          11   Regina Laudis Lay Oblates
          12   Pierre Teilhard de Chardin - Excitator mentium"
          13   "Sapere auso" E. Gierat & J. Malczewski, in:      
               Kontynenty55/56 1963, re: eilhard de Chardin
          14   Correspondence, Re: Teilhard de Chardin
          15   Fordham University, Human Energetics Research               Institute
          16   T. Berry, "Contemporary spirituality"
               "Religious studies and the global..."
               "Affectivity in classical Confucian Tradition"
               "Authenticity in Confucian spirituality"
          17   "American Teilhard de Chardin" newsletter
          18   Notes from readings, re: Teilhard de Chardin lecture
     Box  Folder    Title and date
     4    ["Domek" -  Gierats' residence in Bethlehem, Conn.]
          1    "Domek" documents, correspondence, plans, etc
          2    Archives ideas, plans
          3    "Letters to friends' Bethlehem newsletter'", 1989
          4    Bethlehem gatherings 1971-1990
          5    Bethlehem gatherings, documents, photos, 1990
          6    Lay-outs for fliers, cards, announcements  (domek,               oplatek, etc.)
          7    "Encyklopedia Wielka Domkowa Powszechna"               K.Jankowski- Mally, 197?
          8    "Bancis and Philemon" adopted by E.Augurcia, 1977
          9    Baner "Solidarnosc is non-violent movement"
          10   Bethlehem, Conn.: pamphlets, fliers, clippings, etc.
          11   "Domek" collection of photographs
     4a-11 KULIG scrapbooks [see the list and                index of
correspondence included in Kuligs]
     12-13     Ewa Gierat, Stanislaw Gierat, correspondence A-Z       (1954-19xx)[see index]
     Stanislaw  Gierat - Jan Kazimiersk