Polish Survivors of the Holocaust, oral history project, 1981-1982

DESCRIPTION: 10 boxes (4.5 ft)

CONTENT: Polish Survivors of the Holocaust : an oral history project was
sponsored by the grant from the Connecticut Humanities Council and
several Polish American organizations. The idea was proposed by Prof.
Stanislaus Blejwas and Msgr. John Wodarski after a public protest
following the broadcasting popular TV mini-series "Holocaust" that, in
Polish American opinion, portrayed Poles unfairly. 
Between 1980 and 1981 four interviewers - Prof. Blejwas, Dr. Biskupski,
Mrs. Nowakowska, and Mr. Jedynak - conducted and recorded interviews
with 30 Polish gentiles, survivors of Nazi concentration camps. The
interviews were broadcasted by Connecticut Public Radio in 5-part series in
April 1982. The tapes were later transcribed. Also included are materials
describing various Polish American initiatives that aimed at educating
American public opinion about Polish losses during WWII and Polish-Jewish relations during the war.

LANGUAGE: English and Polish
FINDING AIDS: Inventory, folder level